How to use character “的” in Chinese

I’d assume when you’ve followed my lessons to this far, and you’ve learned Chinese online for some time, you might have given it a try to read some Chinese by yourself. Have you ever been puzzled by the usage of character “的”? Have you ever wondered why it appears all over the place?

Remember when we were talking about “Chinese adjectives” we’ve got to know the very important use of “的” character in “turning a noun into an adjective”? Such as “大的” and “小的”.

Also in “turning noun into pronouns”, Such as “我的” and “你的”.

The above are only part of the magic that “的” character can do. There are more. Please look at this:

wǒ huì qù de. wǒ bùhuì qù de.

我会去的.  我不会去的.

I will go.  I will not go.


What on earth is this “” doing here?! “” is a verb, not a noun?!

Well, at least if you can tell “” is a verb instead of a noun, you’re progressing well :-).

Character “” can be used in willingness statement to emphasize the answer being positive or negative. It is placed at the end of the sentence that is having a willingness word.

It is as if to say “I will go, yes.”

Or, “I won’t go, no.”

There are some Chinese “helping characters” that have no equivalent counterparts in English. To understand them, you have to completely and thoroughly switch your mindset to Chinese. “的” is one of them. I’ve discussed in my previous lessons on another three helping characters in pattern character  and character .


The same function of “” can be used in “…  …” sentence pattern as well:

wǒ shì ài nǐ de.


I do love you.


wǒ shì bù ài nǐ de.


I don’t love you at all.


The second sentence is grammatically correct, but not recommended to be used this way because it’s too hurtful and too blunt to express meaning like this. 🙂

” is used to enforce what you’re saying is true.

For your practice, please try to use “” in different sentence patterns that you’ve learned today. Feel free to share your sentences with me and other readers, thanks…

Welcome to have my face to face lesson on  !  🙂


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