How to use 对… 来说 (as for…) sentence pattern in Chinese?

… 来说 duì tā láishuō sentence pattern is very useful when you need to describe feelings or opinions that are viewed from other’s perspective. Such as “as far as who is concerned…“, “as for …“, etc. It’ll be easier to explain it in an example:


duì tā láishuō, zhè fèn gōngzuò tài kūzào。


As for him, the job is too boring.


Got it? OK then, let’s have a quick review on the four new words first before we move on:

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
枯燥 ku1 zao4 dry and dull; boring
残疾 殘疾 can2 ji2 disabled; handicapped
国家 國家 guo2 jia1 country
天堂 tian1 tang2 paradise; heaven


This sentence pattern is quite strict forward, just replace the “who” in the following pattern, then you can start your sentence with “As for …” or “As far as who is concerned…”.


对 + who + 来说, ……


Yes, comma is a must!

Let’s look at one more examples:


duì cánjírén láishuō, zhège guójiā jiùshì tiāntáng。

对残疾人来说, 这个国家就是天堂。

As for people that are disabled, this country is like a heaven.


Is that clear now? If yes, then please proceed to the following practice for today. Please use the sentence pattern you just learned to express the following two sentences. Feel free to leave your homework in the comment area, thanks!

Practice 1.   As for children, family is very important.

Practice 2.   As for university students, university is not simply a school.


Welcome to have my face to face lesson on  !  🙂


Answer 1. 对孩子来说, 家庭很重要.

Answer 2. 对大学生来说, 大学不仅仅是个学校.


How to use 对… 来说 (as for…) sentence pattern in Chinese?”的一个响应


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