Complements of possibility introduced by “V得/不”

可能补语V得/不 Complements of possibility introduced by “V得/不”

In Chinese, “V得+Complements” or “V不+Complements” can be used to indicate whether or not a result can be obtained or a goal be reached.”V得+Complements” is the positive form, and “V不+Complements” is the negative form. The complements used in this structure are usually complements of result or direction, and certain adjectives or verbs. For example:
找得到 can find
Zhǎo de dào
找不到 can’t find
Zhǎo bu dào
拿得走can take
Ná de zǒu
拿不走can’t take
Ná bu zǒu
搬得走can move
Bān de zǒu
搬不走can’t move
Bān bu zǒu

You sit behind (which means far from the stage), is it possible that you can’t see (the performance)?
你坐在 后边,会不会看不见?
Nǐ zuò zài hòubian, huì bú huì kàn bùjiàn?

I can see.
Wǒ kàn de jiàn.

This suitcase is a little small, is it possible that this suitcase can’t load all these things?
Zhège xiāngzi yǒudiǎn er xiǎo, huì bú huì fàng búxià?

It can load all these things.
Fàng de xià.

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