Professional Online Chinese Teacher

Hi, I’m David. I’m Chinese native, and can speak English, Spanish and Russian.

Do you want to know the splendid culture of China? Do you want to do business with China? Do you have trouble in understanding complicated Chinese pinyin, characters, grammar? Do you hope your study of Chinese becomes more interesting?

I can help you with these. As a successful professional Chinese teacher, I’ve helped many students pass HSK, and many of my students can talk with Chinese people with ease now.

Let me take you to learn Chinese easily and quickly.

I am very luck I discoverd David, he is an amazing teacher! I really enjoy his classes, hopefully as I become more fluent I will enjoy even more his classes! David is very dilligent, I really appreciate his effort helping me improve the listening, which seems to be the most difficult part for me. Thanks David 🙂 Juan


I really enjoy taking classes with David. He brings different materials and he is very focus in my learning. He pays lot attention to my pronunciation in this early stages, something that it is key when learning a new language. Classes with David are very good, he is focus in learning and has the class very well plan. I recommend him.