About Me

I’m an experienced teacher of Mandarin, I’m Chinese native and now live in Latin America. I can speak English and Spanish. I’m flexible, easy-going, patient and friendly.

My students are from all over the world, aging from 7 to 65 years old. Among them there are both beginners and senior learners. And their individual learning goals are different, some want to do business with China, some want to travel to China, some are preparing for HSK, some have other special needs…I will tailor learning programs catering to each student’s specific needs.

Many people feel that Chinese is difficult to learn. Actually it is only a little different from other language. I will get each lesson well prepared, I will use Chinese songs, movies, cartoons, tongue twisters, words cards and pictures in my lessons. Also I will introduce you about Chinese culture. I will try my best to make the lessons interesting so that you can enjoy learning the language. You will find learning Chinese has a lot of fun. And your communication with Chinese people will become easier.

My schedule is flexible. Leave me a message and tell me your best time and I can fit you into my schedule.