The usage of Chinese character “就”

To kickstart today’s lesson, I’d suggest you to do a character search on a random Chinese article that you can pull out from the Internet. Just search for Chinese character (jiù) in the article. I bet you’ll be able to find it, not once, possibly a lot.

No doubt this is a high frequency character. You might be able to translate it as “will” in one place, but under other circumstances, it is combined with other characters to render various meanings. For that reason, it’s worthwhile to have a whole lesson just for it.

First of all, a few new words to go through first:

kāi shǐ kǎo shì xià yǔ 
开始 (start) 考试 (exam)  下雨 (rain)
 取消 (cancel)


See if I can put its usages all together into one list:

  • … will …    =>    … jiù(huì, yào) + verb …
  • … is …    =>   … 就是jiùshì… (emphasis on “is”)
  • Once … then …    =>    … jiù + verb …
  • right “where” …   or   right “when” …   =>   就在jiù zài

The easiest way to learn them is through examples. That gonna make our life easier… 🙂


… will …    =>    … () + verb …

rúguǒ míngtiān xiàyǔ, yīnyuèhuì jiù huì qǔxiāo.


If it rains tomorrow, the concert will be canceled.


… is …    =>   … 就是… (emphasis on “is”)

tā jiùshì xiǎo lǐ de mèimei.


She IS Xiao Li’s sister. (confirmed)


Once … then …    =>    …  + verb …

wǒ dàoliǎo nàr, yīnyuèhuì jiù kāishǐ le.


Once I arrived, the concert started.


… right “where” …   =>   就在

tā de jiā jiù zài zhèr.


His home is right here.


… right “when” …   =>   就在

tā de kǎoshì jiù zài zǎoshang.


His test was right in the morning.


“就”can also appear in compound words to form different meanings other than above.

Hope today’s lesson would help you to learn how to use this high frequency character in your own spoken or written Chinese.

Welcome to have my face to face lesson on  !  🙂


The usage of Chinese character “就””的一个响应


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